Rant Rant Rant ...

Hey yall . Just want to get something out of my system, so i'll rant about it here. The first thing that's been bothering me is that i feel like such a second rate artist sometimes ( alot ! ) which is why i feel like such an amateur most of the time, even thow i'm been improving.
I love critique, because i want to improve, however, the good kind of critique, notebly from other artist, is hard to get. Some artist are nice enough to answer me when i comment them and my questions when i ask them, but i can't help the feeling that some artist out there just flat out ignore you.
To me, being treated like a second rate artist is even worse of an insult. If i'm an artist, just like you, don't treat me differently because i'm not as good as you, that's just cruel and pointless.
I'm 18, unexperienced, share a scanner with my family who aren't aware of what i draw most of the time, i only have a laptop, no tablet, no mouse, the oldest version of open canvas, a critirium ( pencil ), and two markers ( one 0.4 and one 0.8 ) and i'm short on cash most of the time, and i still try my best to provide some decent looking stuff, so a little respect and equal treatment would be appreciated ( yes, i said i have NO tablet, so my digital works have been done with nothing but my fingers ).
I'm not attacking or pointing fingers towards anybody, i'm just saying i'm nice, not blind and i DON'T FORGET, so if you want treat me like i'm inferior, don't treat me at all !

The other thing i guess that's bothering me is this.
Art doesn't just happen, there's a lot of time and effort that goes into it, and i don't think that some people really seem to understand that. Sure some people take more or less time to do things, but nevertheless time, energy, effort and imagination is necessary, not to mention the distractions, burdens, activities, etc of every day life that bother you most of the time. I can't seem to make people take that seriously, therefore, i feel like i " fail " as an artist.

Lastly, and this might offend some people, i think that some slash is way overdone ! There's way too much DBZ , Naruto, and even X-men slash out there (just to name a few ). I'm not a hypocrite, i admit that it's erotic, it's hot, it's cool, and that i myself will draw some when i'm asked to, but there's a lot of it already, it's kinda getting old.
Some might of noticed, but that's why i slash things that aren't or barely slashed, like F-zero characters, Mortal Kombat characters, yu-gi-oh! "Monsters" and NOT characters, etc.
That also explains my obssession with Original Characters .
They're fresh new characters that bring some welcome distractions from the overabondance of mainstream slash. Daemon, Max Darc, Tai, Drake, Skyboy, Keric, Darek, etc to name of few, i've grown to love. I even have more O.Cs then i can count but i put my Three favourite characters, Justin, Arden and Xy ahead of the pack, but a lot of times i feel like removing all of them from the face of the net because they get NO LOVE !

All of that feels like a vicious cycle that keeps repeating it self to me.
Just posting my thoughts somewhere, hope i get a response or comments from SOMEONE, otherwise what i think will be proved to be true, and that's going to be ugly ...

Anyway, if you were at least considerate enough to read my rant, thanks.