Gary Abused by Bruno !

Initially a Request for the Lovely Lollicock of the y!gallery

Remember when i said that i do what i can and draw for you guys and listen to the request and polls, and that i get an itch and just HAVE to draw it ? Well this was pretty much all those things in one

Seriously Lolly, how DARE you put such an idea in my head and just expect me to do NOTHING XD
This is more or less what he wanted, Which is Gary put in his damn place :smug:, and who better to do the Job than Bruno ?

I am REALLY happy with how this came out, especially since i'm starting to put more though into backgrounds now, and i know it's not quite there, but it's start. Also it fits the scene well :D Bruno was probably interrupted from his Training in the Kanto Mountains by Gary, and he toss him over and made him pay for it XD


PS: if this isn't proof that i read ALL the comments, i don't know what is :XD:

Green Lantern's Alone Time

Hey guys ! :-D

I would have put this up earlier but... well, let me not rant and just get to the drawing XD

I'm being a good boy and drawing some of the requests and poll winners as of late, but there comes an itch every now and then, and i just HAVE to draw it XD

I really felt like drawing GL from the Justice League :D So i mixed some of the style from the series, added some of mine, sprinkled some Imagination and VOILA !

GL was one of my favorite characters from Justice League, he Kicked Ass and had a Great team dynamic with pretty much everyone! Honestly i loved any episode with him. Anywhos.

Enjoyyyyy ! And more soon ! :-D