Robin and Kobra in : " Another time then "

Hey Folks ! How are you all? Good i hope! Here bring you some new Pr0n and Young Justice Goodness!

You gotta give it to me with the April updates here, they're pretty frequent XD.
For those of you who saw and read my Abra Kadabra post , you knew this was coming, you know how i am when i get ideas that tickle my fancy :D.

I keep raving about it, but yes the Fan service in the show is insane...Infact, Bane was in the very same episode with Kobra... so perhaps i'll do one with Superboy and him next *drool*... But before i get off track! The inspiration behind this was pretty simple.

One day, Intel pops up that Kobra is still dealing his Venom but the Young Justice team are not available so Robin goes on his own to try to stop him, but considering how he was getting his behind beat by Kobra in the episode, i think you can guess who won that fight. And So, Robin gets raped on the very shipment he came to stop. I know, twisted and perfectly evil right? :D

Anyway, Holy crap! i really wanna take a sec to say how much i love you folks! seriously! My blog has already hit over 300 000 visitors! that's INSANE ! So sincerely, from me to you, thank you, even those that see my work on the y! and still come here to follow up on the pic, you guys are Awesome, i mean it!

More soon ! and i have a few collabs going on over at the y! gallery so don't be afraid to go there and check them out in my collabs section.

Enjoy !