Villainous Present! Sephiroth X Psaro

Hey guys!

Today i have a very special drawing to show you guys. It's a birthday present for a very cool friend of mine Teodoro Nazario or as we know him from the y! gallery, MarthXIkeLover !

His birthday is coming up next week and he dropped a request my way well in advance so i couldn't turn him down :D.

I know it's early, but i REALLY rather post this now so i don't forget it or have any issues. XD Any artist will tell you. Remembering to draw it is one thing, but remembering to post it is another.

Anyway, happy birthday bro!

Now this is the first time i've EVER drawn these characters, so please take it easy on me XS. I am not used to drawing bishie-esque guys like Sephiroth

And i take pride in drawing my men bara so i'm sorry if this doesn't appeal to some. Psaro wasn't that bad though i'll admit.

But generally speaking, dragon quest characters have more of a dragon ball z look to them, so it made this sort of easier.

Anyway The birthday boy wanted Seph to bottom so as you wish!

Here's a little cum version for you too. Love the way it's between his best and abs...mmm

I must say i'm become quite fond of an all digital work flow now that i have less problems to worry about thanks to my new tablet. Anyway


P.S : See! excluding the sketch, i did 2 new drawings this week! Woohoo! *high fives self* :D