An Older Joe

Hello again folks! putting up a LONG overdue post of  Cielohombre's commission, who wanted an Older Joe in the style of my other "An Older" series of Digimon dudes from my past commissions HERE and HERE 

As you can tell I posted the no cum version up there first for all of you blog faithful.

This does have less versions then the other two, but this one was done under different circumstances :/.

I'm glad with the way it turned out still though. Don't do poses like this often so I was quite fun :).


And P.S commission are closed at the moment. I'll probably do a post when they're open again. Thank you all for your patience ! :D

More Pushmo Goodness!

Hey Folks! So As I've been Swapnoting some you, you may know that this week-end I'm planing on doing quite a few updates here and there.

First is something I wanted to get out of the way and that's some of these Pushmo Puzzles I've been working on!

Points for who can guess what game i've  been thinking about recently. (lol)

Scan away folks! and have fun figuring them out!

Also, fair warning, I have strange feeling that i'm going to Rule 34 Mallo in the future.

You have been warned! XD

P.S : Once again, here's my friend code for those of you who haven't add me yet : 0259-0308-4496. Drop me a comment with yours and let's be friends :D.

See you all soon!