An Update? Street Fighter and Elves!

Hi Everyone.
So i'm going to come right out and say it. I've been an uninspired mess for WEEKS now, and unfortunately I still am.
For those of you who check my blog, please know that I sincerely apologize for taking so long with updates, commissions, request, etc. There's been quite a few events that have been going on in my life of varying significance, needless to say there's been an empty well where my inspiration used to be.
I did manage to churn out a few drawings of course, but it sort of pales in comparison to the speed I was going at before.

For those that check out my tumblr You probably saw a WIP of this. But first I thought I'd share a disappointing fact about it  first and how my artist block turned it into something else almost entirely.

In case you were wondering, this is and was the TRUE WIP. unfortunately my desire to draw a street fighter orgy pic was halted by artist block.

Eventually, I focused only on Guile and Zangief ( which is why the pose looks a bit weird. Mind you I had other plans for this, even this one that would be more focused on these two)

So for you guys to enjoy anyway, here's a, although simplified, pic of Zangief V.S Guile

Along with the naked version of course ( I haven't gone completely depressed and I can still stay on a standard I've set here)

 There you go. Maybe one day I will finish an orgy pic with the street fighter guys, but no promises and certainly not right now when everything is my life is such an odd mess.

Not to get too melodramatic, let's move along.

A while ago, I commissioned an artist known as Szadek, who's y! gallery I would point you towards if the site was not having a PS3 network like downtime, but he HAS started a tumblr (just in time when you think about it) which you can take a look at here : http://szadend.tumblr.com/ .
Anyway, one of the commissions was of an O.C elf of mine whom I haven't drawn in a while and feel like drawing ( I actually did pencil him out one time...*dig* *dig* Found it! *scan*) and this is him

His name is Cullen, here is the sketch I did MUCH later and more recently by the way

Kinda like Achaim, And hell even Danny

 Which I unearth with Cullen just now

Anywho, this was the result.
 I remember him telling me that he didn't quite understand the tattoos, so I decided ( like 6 million years later) to color it in order for him or possibly others later on to understand them.
So here he is with no tats

With his tattoos

And finally with his tattoos glowing

I really want to breathe life back into my elf characters, even though I love Ghork, Abe, Achaim and all the others that have gotten all the love recently.

Hell I've created so many O.Cs I think it's time I took responsibility for them. And I have a lot of elves ( Blad, Dimitri, Rence, Cullen, Danny, Damir, Kraïm, Zol, and two unamed ones for a total of 10, and that's just the Elves!)

Anyway, let's hope this desire lasts.

On another note, how are you? Care to comment every now and then? That'd be nice. Me? well I've been ok despite all I vaguely touched upon before. Also I'm up to speed on One Piece and I love Fairy Tail :D (the fan service is downright insane in that show).

Despite the somewhat angry undertone of all of this, I've been trying to get myself inspired again, so don't worry. This too shall pass. :]

Until next time folks!