King Dedede = Hammer Time !!

Colored Version of King Dedede's Slash Bros. entry. Every now and then i really like to play with him, he's fun . Anyway, i'm happy with how i made him look, because sure he's big, but ain't no way he's scrawny or pudgy if he's carrying that Heavy ass hammer everywhere !

lol. I really like everything about this one though, except for the spikes on the hammer, which i had to draw digitally X-( , never that fun... i like the shock wave effects for the hammer slamming down on his shoulder. I also added that to the background as contrast to his Up+B Special ( Super Dedede Jump ), which has the same effect ;-) .

Enjoy !!


Falco's Got Style !

Hey yall ! i've colored Falco !!

Ok, i gotta say, right about now, i think my coloring skills have improved to the point that even i have to proudly admit it :-)
I mean, personally, i think he looks WWWAAAAAYYYYYYYY better in color ! not to mention hotter !!
Since i used the Reflector in Fox's Super Slash Bros. Pic, i used the Foward B Special ( Falco Phantasm ) for Falco's Background.
mmmmm... i'd love for him to use that attack my way :-p>>


Enjoy, and please leave a comment anywhere you'd like, here, on my FA, Y! , wherever . ;-)



Meta Knight's Final Smash !!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !! my hand !! x)
Coloring Meta Knight took FOR EVER !! lol, but i'm extremly pleased at how he looks in color , i tried to pay as much attention to detail as i could and i love how it turned out ( so colorful, lol )
Anyway, i was hesitant about his hair color, because i wanted to make it blonde at first, then i was like Meta Knight = Coolness, so Gray > Blonde in the coolness department : ). i also decided to color this one because i needed to post something on my Y! gallery ( as some of the characters aren't human ... heck ! this is a Human Version of Meta Knight !! )


Enjoy !!



Watch the Power of Aura !!

Colored version Lucario's Super Slash Bros. entry. His pun is that he's angry that everyone is comparing him to Mewtwo ( who doesn't return in Brawl ), however as i stated when i posted the inked version of him on FA, the Big difference between Lucario and Mewtwo is that Mewtwo is Genderless and Lucario isn't ! so Ha !

... Whoa ! the Aura and his anger sure made his "Proof" big ! : O !! i wonder if he can hold that anger without ...

Premature Aura-Gasm ?!

Oops ... Never mind : ).

Enjoy !!


Donkey Kong !! Donkey Kong !!

The colored Version of my First Super Slash Bros. Pic ! I really like how the colored version came out since i had to try something different ( seeing as this is the first furry character i've ever colored ).

Enjoy !!

P.S : Thank you to all my Y! Friends who cared ;), and sorry to those i might of offended x(, i just get a little fucked up when i'm ...... well .... FUCKED UP ! lol : ) .