Jorgen and Cupid's Toy

Hey guys! So i know the fapping material and the cartoon smut has been a little low lately, so here's something to remedy that!

Jorgen Von Strangle !

Can't you just hear him say "Puny Dildo! You are no Match for my MUSCLES!!" XD
Cupid's Probably enjoying it!

So a few days ago i got an OVERPOWERING URGE to draw smut, Jorgen smut. I swear it was 2:30AM i think and i was drained, but i just wanted to draw this badly! And so i did XD and you know how i am with the urges.

So i did a good bit of the line art, then sleep, then finished it the next day.

Hope you guys like it ! :D


Funny, i was telling someone on the y! after I agreed with them on my Samurai Jack Piece that a lot of shows always have their characters stripped naked or loose and item of clothing to show skin or end up in their underwear.

Seriously, and then people wonder why their's toon smut all over the Internet XD

Well whatever. More Eye Candy and Awesome slash candidates for us !

P.S: Yay for popping my Nickelodeon cherry ! XD


The Achaim post

Hi folks, so as promised in my previous post on on my y!gallery, i'm giving My blond barbarian his own post, I am also going to show you guys a process pic. It's not like a tutorial or anything but i though I'd share the steps that i go through when I'm drawing. so here goes.

First the sketch

Now i say this all the time but i draw the penis last, or in this case not at all. As you'll see in the process pic that will follow, i drew it after i Inked it.

As you may have noticed, the process here was a little unorthodox. Thanks to the ability to have layers on a drawing, i go a little off the beaten path sometimes, case in point, once for a drawing i went from line art to finishing the background then back to the main piece again. There are MANY different ways to go about a drawing, especially where a traditional to digital work flow is concerned.

Here after i inked it i colored his hair right after. I haven't drawn him in Years and this being the first time i colored him, his hair and skin tone had to be thought of and done early on for me to get a good grip of how he'll look.
After that was done, i added the "equipment".

So that's the first 4 drawings of the first line.

Now time for the flats or flat colors which i did below the Hair color layer and line art layer. This makes thing easier for me because later on I'll just merge them ( the color layers ) making things easier.
After deciding the light source ( which can be all over the place sometimes) i start the shading. After that, i add what i like to call the " shine " layer, which is all those little lines and circles of light that appear around his body.
The next step is not always necessary but i like to do that if i feel like i need to. I duplicate the flat colors layer and set it to multiply and lower the opacity. This gives him an overall less bright skin tone.

Now we're done with line two.

At the very bottom line are the background and final touches, which are usually easy because i have them ( the layers for the background ) underneath everything. Next if I'm not happy with the overall look of the pic, i go in the adjustments and play around with the Hue/Saturation until i get what i want.
And then Finally i added vascular details ( or veins) to finish it up.

That and a little text for him to talk.

So the you go, Achaim the Barbarian! drawn after a drawing i did of him over FOUR years ago !

Not a bad update if you ask me. :D

Hope you enjoyed this and/or found it somewhat useful.

More soon, enjoy !


I'm not dead! as proof, i brought Sketches !

Lol-tastic title XD

What's going on people! A few things have been going on for me, preparing for a trip, renovation in my room, sleep ( lol ) that i haven't really had the drive to draw digitally, but i HAVE been drawing, and i do like to share sketches here, so here goes!
First up is this guy:

I STILL don't have a name for him, can you believe it? And these are drawn from 3 separate drawings ( from a total of 4) So i've been drawing and thinking a lot about this character and i want to pair him with Ghork, but i still don't have a damn name. Any suggestion are welcome. On the left i drew him in a more serious style, then a more cartoony one, the middle is a side view and the other is a full body one. and yes, i believe i've said it already but when i sketch it's mostly tame, and i pretty much always draw the penis last.

Next up is a few various sketches

I got a book recently that does a little more in depth on the anatomy of non human creatures, it's helpful and gave me a few ideas.

I also wanted to practice backgrounds and composition and creating a scene. I'm not sure who this guy is yet, but it looks like he's found and underwater passage in a cave leading to someone's home. A wizard maybe? who knows, as long as i gave off that feel.

Now this next guy i was just practicing lips, and all of a Sudden i created another O.C XD

He's Max, the tall Goblin. Goblins are usually short and pudgy so he was very fun to draw. It was also fun to try something different with the eyes and go for more of a cute look. Heart undies FTW haha.

Next i drew Abe, for the first time Traditionally too

Now this i drew just to relax, i didn't focus much on shapes and a lot of stuff which is way some things looks a little off, but it was fun to draw him again, i think i was practicing eyes while doing this XD. Meh, can't exactly remember.

Next is Dimitri

Now there was a time on the y! gallery when there was a Design your own elf contest, and i drew Three Elves, Blad, Rence and Dimitri that you can see Here, Here and Here . Of the 3 Dimitri was overall better received, and i actaully drew him afterwards but nothing i felt like finishing and posting. But if you've read my comments on the y! then you know that i've been revisiting my old O.Cs and drawing them again. Here Dimitri looks much more serious, more then i wanted, but it's still worth sharing.

Finally here is Achaim the Barbarian.

It's been YEARS since i drew him. I would say more, but i'm saving that for his own post since i finished and colored him.

There are a few other sketch that i have here too, but i'm not posting them for a few reasons :).

Anyway, hope you enjoy! And I'll be back on track soon. I've got a few things i wanted to draw and i have a few request in the waiting still so hopefully there will be more soon!

Later folks! much love!