Artist Ad140 would like to Collab !

Hello again people !

So one day i put a Journal post on my y!Gallery and invited people to chat with me if they'd like, and the artist know as ad140 was one of the peeps at the y! who accepted, and after the formalities he told me he liked my sketches and asked me if he could color some and i said sure !
But boy was i impressed !

First ( though technically his second collab with me ) is Joey, Dinosaur Prince's OC ! i sketched him some time ago cause i really liked Joey, and Ad140 did a fantastic ( not to mention quick ! ) job !

i was in awe of the speed he both Inked and colored this, he said he just enjoys my sketches ( what a sweetheart !! *HUGS* ). Me and Dinosaur Prince were very happy !

Anyway, now on to the pokemon-related title, heheh.

Ad140 was quite found of this particular sketch ( technically the first he inked and colored )

Elite Four Aaron would like to fuck !

Same as Joey he asked me to color it, i said sure, but i was WOWED when he showed me how is was coming along.
It was quick, he got he lines right, i was just ... surprised. Thank again man, you say you just appreciate my art, well i really appreciate this !

Leader Norman would like to fuck !

Going for consistency he decided to keep the background from my Champion Lance pic so he did. Did i mention he did the backgrounds too ?! He made some suggestions that included some ideas for which Guys from Pokemon i could draw ( which will remain Anonymous cause he wants me to surprise him with sketches as well ) Gym Leader Norman came up so i sent him the sketch and voila !

Pokemon Trainer Red would like to fuck !

i started some pics of Elite four men for a club on the y!, but hey, there are some hot trainers out there, so why just limit myself to Elite four members or even Gym leaders ? hot trainers it is ! lol
Pokemon Trainer Red is the Toughest trainer in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I did him extra big for Ad140 since he asked ; ).

That's all for now,

hope you enjoy it and see you next time !



Sketches, the more the merrier !

Hey Guys !

It's back to work for me so i'll have less time to draw or at least focus on drawing until the end of June, to compensate i have some sketches for you guys to enjoy :D !

With Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver out, tis the season to be horny for pokeMen.

Gym Leader Brawly, with a sexy pokeball jock strap on ;) , i'd lose to him everytime if it meants him winning with that secret weapon.

Gym Leader Norman (and your dad in the 3rd gen pokemon games ) stripping, cause he's happy to see you ! and this is completely "Norman" hehe.

Pokemon Trainer Red ! the legend on Mt. Sliver himself ! sure looks bigger, and he looks more muscular too !

Gym Leader Crasher Wake, gets a lot of attention from Bara lovers, so i had to try to do him right. Big, buff and hung, and full of Energy, i think i did ok :D !

Still very much into the pokemon Gijinka idea, unfortunately, no time to finish it, but Enjoy my sexy Lanturn, he was the Previous Pokemon of the week !

I love pokemon, but i drew something else these past few weeks... A new OC !

Meet Ghork, the Space Oni ! yep ! my imagination is very interesting, and believe it or not, i saw him in a dream, then i decided to draw him out the best i could.
he has light blue skin, Black hair and his bodysuit is gray. He's a good guy, but that won't ( and didn't thanks to Gninrom ) stop me from drawing a Raunchy pic of him !

Here Ghork is on a mission with his trusty Jet pack on a planet to find a certain object when he's gets caught by a Ras Flower. Mind you Ras stands for Rape Anything Suspicious ! No assaults from Ras flowers to this day have been fatal, Infact these flowers fall in the humanoid category ( i'll draw one when i have the time ) and are quite docile. Some people keep some as Guardians, and all they want in return is just some sex, and the sex is goooood.

I haven't created a well though out OC in a while and i really like Ghork and have a good feeling about him, i could really see myself doing some interesting stuff with him in the future, and i hope you like him to :)

Hope you've enoyed the sketches ! here ! i even Inked the first Ghork pic, and i'll leave you with that ! hope you're all doing well ! HUGS !