Sketches, the more the merrier !

Hey Guys !

It's back to work for me so i'll have less time to draw or at least focus on drawing until the end of June, to compensate i have some sketches for you guys to enjoy :D !

With Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver out, tis the season to be horny for pokeMen.

Gym Leader Brawly, with a sexy pokeball jock strap on ;) , i'd lose to him everytime if it meants him winning with that secret weapon.

Gym Leader Norman (and your dad in the 3rd gen pokemon games ) stripping, cause he's happy to see you ! and this is completely "Norman" hehe.

Pokemon Trainer Red ! the legend on Mt. Sliver himself ! sure looks bigger, and he looks more muscular too !

Gym Leader Crasher Wake, gets a lot of attention from Bara lovers, so i had to try to do him right. Big, buff and hung, and full of Energy, i think i did ok :D !

Still very much into the pokemon Gijinka idea, unfortunately, no time to finish it, but Enjoy my sexy Lanturn, he was the Previous Pokemon of the week !

I love pokemon, but i drew something else these past few weeks... A new OC !

Meet Ghork, the Space Oni ! yep ! my imagination is very interesting, and believe it or not, i saw him in a dream, then i decided to draw him out the best i could.
he has light blue skin, Black hair and his bodysuit is gray. He's a good guy, but that won't ( and didn't thanks to Gninrom ) stop me from drawing a Raunchy pic of him !

Here Ghork is on a mission with his trusty Jet pack on a planet to find a certain object when he's gets caught by a Ras Flower. Mind you Ras stands for Rape Anything Suspicious ! No assaults from Ras flowers to this day have been fatal, Infact these flowers fall in the humanoid category ( i'll draw one when i have the time ) and are quite docile. Some people keep some as Guardians, and all they want in return is just some sex, and the sex is goooood.

I haven't created a well though out OC in a while and i really like Ghork and have a good feeling about him, i could really see myself doing some interesting stuff with him in the future, and i hope you like him to :)

Hope you've enoyed the sketches ! here ! i even Inked the first Ghork pic, and i'll leave you with that ! hope you're all doing well ! HUGS !

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