Clearly Serperior!

Hey Everyone !

So The Fifth Generation of pokemon comes out today ! WWOOOOHHOOOOO !!! Unfortunately i don't live in the US or in Europe so most of you will get a head start on me, but i'll be joining you next week :) ( my copy of pokemon Black has already been shipped )
To celebrate i drew this quickie ! It's a Gijinka of Serperior!

I've always LOVED Grass Starters and this one is no different! I Love how Serperior looks high and mighty and Classy and smug!

i mean look at him !

Anyway, i Did a Colored line art and normal Line art one :)

Enjoy it Folks! I just HAD to draw something for the occasion! And i did this overnight too!
To all the Pokefans out there, See you soon ! Enjoy Unova and i'll see you Online soon !