Neon Ghork and some Banners

'Ello 'Ello everyone !

Yes, I'm ALIIIIIIIVE ! I'd give a long rant about the absence but that would be boring :/ , besides in a nutshell : Pokemon, i had Bronchitis and life. lol.

So A while ago I introduced this new Character of mine, Ghork, Here exclusively!

During that nutshell absence i learned about a new coloring technique that i wanted to try. My Inspiration well was running dry so i figured why not use an old line art ? Now this was easier said then done, because the line art was on an external hard drive of mine that doesn't function properly anymore, meaning i actually had to take this from my own blog! ( and yes, sadly this means that ALL unfinished line arts before said events are now completely gone :( ...)
So the bad news? I Had to separate the line art from the background, and i posted it before i figured out a solution to the quality drop problem with pictures on Blogger. But hardships aside, Voilà ! Neon Ghork !

I really like the way it turned out and discovering new techniques and practicing them is always fun. This also FINALLY means that i have finally colored my own character XD ( that way people will know who the guy in my Y!gallery avatar is, and is the way he is... lol)

Still wanna do lots with this character and i hope to draw him more in the future, I introduced him the at the same time as Abe, my Monkey boy, which some of you liked very much if i remember right.

Finally, before my abscence i did take the time to make a few banners of my more recently finished works, so feel free to use them on your blogs !

I made them, moderately big just in case, but feel free to crop and/or resize them if necessary :]

Ok that's all for now, but I'll see you pretty soon since i plan on posting more.

See you then!