AstroGUY Rape-tenance

Do i keep up my end of the Bargain or what ? :)

Moving right along and keeping the tradition of still drawing the looser of the polls on the y!gallery, i give you MY version of Astro boy, Astro Guy ! ( cause i had a rape idea in mind but it would of been really weird to do that on a robo-kid :s)

First of all, sorry about the fail-tastic Plain background , but i was in an inspirational rut when doing this, so by the time i finished the lines and colored him, the sun was rising, and i was like EFF that ! XD

Still drawing him was fun and i enjoyed upgrading his, um, "Man parts" to suit my taste.

So congrads Astro mah boy !

You've been K Slashed !

I might do a more decent background in the future or a new pic altogether, but really this was one of those urge drawings, like some of my bleach stuff. In other words, i just HAVE to draw it to get it out of my system... Ha, there are some many robotic/electronic puns in this article XD.

Oh by the by! The Y!gallery is going to be down for maintenance tomorrow, so that's another reason I'm posting here right now.

Anyway, enjoy and see you later ;)