Nintendude : Jack Cayman

*Wakes up after not posting for months* Hi people! What's up?

I SERIOUSLY wish i had some grand stories to tell you guys that would excuse my absence, but half of that is because my internet has not improved in the past month but i've already bitched about that plenty. Here's Jack Cayman of the Nintendudes series i'm going to start working on.

As I mentioned when i posted this on the Y! gallery, the no blood version seems odd so i had to add it.

Again, i'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates and news. It's almost summer vacation for me so i'm trying my best to reconnect with everything. Most of what's had me uninspired is the same as it was a month ago.

Anyway, Drop some suggestions for other Nintendo Dudes you want to see in the series. Drop me a question over on http://smutwithak.tumblr.com/ too since I've recently added the ask feature. ( And quite frankly i check my tumblr way more often then anything )

Enjoy! and see you guys soon ( hopefully ).