Making it Con" Vince"-ing. O.C Overload!

Hey guys!
I realized that i actually never did a post for Vince here, so here it is!

This was the drawing I've been teasing through Swapnotes on the 3DS ( drop me your friend code if you haven't already :D ) of my new Orc O.C Vince. It all started with a sketch that was just to practice drawing and Orc from a new book i got, and i ended up really liking it. 

So after taking some time to really work on it, Vince became the guy you see on the first pic.

 I honestly love him. Vince, Ghork, Jean-Guerrier and Abe have really been on my mind lately... Soo...i've been drawing them too XD

I was going to only make a Vince post at first, but then i thought, why not make an O.C post!

Over on tumblr, i re-introduced my monkey boy, Abe

Like Vince, these drawings were born out of a practice drawing, and I ended up doing a bit a "paper doll " thing.

Here is Abe, and I did one for Vince as well.

And these two together are what make up my new header for this blog

Vince by the way, to introduce him some more a bit, is an Orc unlike other Orcs. He shares many characteristics with other Orcs, including the physical prowess, and the color green, but he's an expert at Wind Magic. That's all I can say for now.

Next up we have Ghork's supposed love interest and my first ever French O.C, Jean-Guerrier!

Again, like many of the drawing here ( that I take forever to share with you all ) this was originally just a practice sketch, then I started drawing some more and I though : Hey? Why not make it in the same style as that Ghork pic is did?"

"Yea that one!" lol
Well I tried anyway, and I like the end result, because like the Ghork Pic, is goes a little more in depth or at least adds more layers to the futuristic world they live in. Ghork has his own custom made special Gun while Jean-Guerrier has a Power Band that boost his physical abilities, mainly for combat.

As strange as it seems, especially from the way i presented the two, they're sweet together but they're actually not a couple XD And i personally don't want them to be together... it's really complicated and I hope i'll get to fully develop Space Oni Ghork's story one day.

In the mean time though, I did conjure up a little pic featuring them both in a cute way. Enjoy!

Anyway, that's all for this post! Hope you enjoy all the new art considering the crazy drought that has happened on my blog in the past few months.

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See you real soon!