Spartan Authority Drayden x Lance

Hey guys !

So I've kinda been wanting to draw Drayden for a LONG time so now i finally got the chance to do it. Here he is, the Spartan Mayor Showing his Authority to Lance of the Elite 4!

I really had a blast with the colors for this one, and I'm starting to see how rim lights ( or reflective lights) can really add a nice little touch to a pic, even when it's mostly cel-shade.

Drawing this i knew that i would have to draw a solo pic of Drayden later, and that only made me realize how much i like drawing the character. There's just something about Drayden that i think is so sexy.

Anyway, as promised on the y! here's the lil cum versions:

Precum and cum

There's something about seeing it drip out and ooze out of the ass that makes it incredibly hot.

Well that's it for this post. Still don't have much to say about this one, but i really like it. I really like how the colors came out and i think it's a real treat for Bara fans :).

I said it on the y! and i'll say it again! BARA TRAINERS FTW !!! WOOHOO!!

lol, i'll have more soon! bye bye for now!