Jinkuro + Samm + A Hot Spring

Hey Fellow Fappers! I've got a treat for you today and i hope you'll like it!

So recently finished playing Muramasa the Demon Blade for the Wii. An EXCELLENT AND BEAUTIFUL action platformer with swords, two stories, RPG elements and 6 endings! WOW!

All the game's beautiful style aside, there are certain spots that have monkeys that will lead you to a Hot Spring in the game. And thus, these pics were born!

And with No Steam to block the action!

Jinkuro is one HOT ASS samurai.

Sexy and Bara written all over him!

Seriously, if want a cool action platformer with AWESOME Boss fights to tide you over until Zelda Skyward Sword comes out, pick this one up.

It's too beautiful, epic and fun not too!

I Was going to do a pic with him riding some Random Samurai in the hot spring, but the Samurai in the game are ... not exactly pretty.

Except for Yukinojo,

but he's a Main character so it doesn't count XD

Thus, i ( accidenty) created Samm!

So for all the blog faithfuls! i Give you Jinkuro + Samm + A Hot Spring part 2!

Of course since i decided to give him a little extra attention as an official O.C ( Cause seriously, with all the Bara on the net, where the Sexy Samurai O.Cs at?) So i gave him his tattoo, which i'll show you guys how to draw when i make a pin-up pic of him.

I was in such a drawing mood this week that i did alternate version, part twos and cum versions for a few pics. and Part 2 has them! Enjoy!

No steam version

Precum/ before Climax

Cum version :)

I hope you've enjoyed this post guys. I know it's late but also happy Halloween to everyone. I'm sorry i posted this so late, but I'm currently dealing with serious connection issues so I my initial plan of making two separate posts went to waste, i even did a preview version of it. SIGH!

Anyway, All you Wii owners, don't forget to check this one out! i'll have at least one more pic up this week-end so i'll be fighting my Internet connection to show it to you guys. 'Till then!

See you all later! *Hugs*