Ghork Passing The Time

Hey guys

Commissions have been kind of slow so can't really blame the slight week long absence of posts on it, but if you're a Gamer, or Gaymer, you know that there quite a lot of games that are going to keep you busy for the season.

I've been playing what Ghork has in his hands there

I'm referring to this of course:

Although i heard Australian Gamers got hit with a delay, this game came out last week and i have been playing it ever since.
I can think of SO MANY reasons why you should be playing this game right now, it's ridiculous.
But for all the Mario fans, 3 things really stand out. So to those people, The Special levels, Tanooki Leaf, the Final Boss Fight with Bowser... Totally worth it. Trust me.

I simply can't say more without spoiling it.

Oh, 4 things actually, there are a lot of nods to past Mario games, including some sound effects and remixes that are very memorable and fantastically done, including a hidden one that's a nod to another Nintendo game.

I will be getting my copy of Skyward Sword Tomorrow * does not live in the US or Canada* so i'll probably be busy playing the hell out of that one too...and then next month, Mario Kart 7 will out... Gah! *FANGASMS*

Later guys!