TM Dig Getaway Brock x Roark!

Hey Guys!

Happy New Year to All! I posted Ghork on the y! gallery, but i'm saving that for another post since i'm working on another drawing of him. As of right now, here's the infamous second drawing i did last year in december and never got to post. It's Brock and Roark:

That's the clean version up there first. The reason I didn't post this is because one minute i loved this drawing, then I hated it, then I was ok with it. Sigh. Finally It was the first time i used IllustStudio, so i was getting the hang of everything. So as right now with and thanks to all the fixes, I used IllustStudio, PaintTool SAI AND photoshop on this drawing XD.

As usually i'm usual, I wonder why there aren't more drawings of this pairing since it makes some sense, as they're both First Gym leaders of Kanto and Hoenn, both Rock type trainers ( Rock type poke puns just write themselves)

Anyway, enjoy the Dirty and Cum soaked versions :D.


There will be more soon, for real this time XD!

Enjoy! and even drop some requests while you're at it!
Bye for now.

P.S : BARA Trainers FTW!!