The Eoleo Post?

Hey Guys!

So Now that I've been messing around with PaintToolSAI, I just feel like drawing CONSTANTLY. XD

The Reason there is a question mark on this post is because on my Y!Gallery profile picture I've had this sort of comic page thing as my profile picture. Now since this was a WIP that i never finished, i just left it there and never really touched it again, but i did like it enough to use it however.

SO! This is for 2 things. The first is my LONG overdue Fan-art of Golden Sun Dark Dawn's Eoleo, and the second is to do justice to my old Work In Progress and show it to you guys.

And so Finally, here it Is, Some Eoleo Fan-art!

Did I mention how much I'm enjoying discovery SAI?
Just want to give a Quick shout out to Ad140 for showing the door of opportunities when he did back then when explaining me how the Lines work. ( I still have the files man! XD), Also to Inmomakuro for answering my PM and for THIS, which was a HUGE help in understanding how one way of coloring works, and Finally to Gnin, who gave me a little push to try It and ALWAYS encorages me. You guys are the best and you have no Idea how much you inspire people. ( Whether it's Directly or Indirectly )

 Here now for the slight redemption is a bigger size and resolution to the aforementioned comic WIP that's on my Profile pic on the y!gallery.

If I recall, this came about for me because of Branchlaw ( who is equally awesome btw ) and THIS Since he said he took, and I quote, "Eoleo's porn cherry" lol.

Simply read the comic WIP and some of the comments on his drawing to understand this further. XD

Well! this has been a quite a shout out post. Make sure to check those guys out If you haven't already.
I'm still new at SAI but I still tried to whip up a cum version for you guys, so Enjoy!

See you guys soon!

P.S: Eoleo IS hot btw maybe i'm not looking hard enough, but there needs to be more art of this guy. ^_^