Waluigi booty!

Hello one and all!

I figure i'd update here first since i have posted anything new in almost 5 months X[

Really sorry guys and gals, School had me occupied, now i'm on summer break. As you may have guessed from the picture, i got Mario Kart 8!!

When i started playing, i chose Waluigi ( because i personally love Waluigi) and i noticed something particular about him. When he's on a bike, before he starts his engine, he stands on the bike and his little tushy pushes out.

Of course I glorified it here because, well, butts... i love butts... But i found it interesting that it's actually pretty well defined on him. Seriously, if you have the game, chose him, pick a bike and start a race. it's not a lazy character model, he has a butt. HD Graphics indeed :]

Anyway, Nude and cum variants are below.

Me and some friends went hard an beat all the cups and got 3 stars, i'm only missing the Golden Glider to 100% the game XD, so i'll be racing online. Leave a comment if you want to race, maybe we can organize something and add each other on miiverse or even create a Gaymer community! Until then. Enjoy!

Love you all. ( I mean it ) <3 p="">