Go ! Machoke Post !!

Lol XD hey Yall ! it's a few days late, but here's the Machoke pic and some Varriations for ya !

For those who don't play Pokemon, that's Machoke, and ever since i started drawing Human-mon pics, LOTS of people have asked me to draw this Superpower Pokemon.

Machoke Line art

I think i'm gonna start posting the Line art of all my works for you guys too, so you can see how it looked before coloring. I started drawing this a WHILE ago, but only finished it last week, i spent an all nighter on it to !

Go ! Machoke !!

I really like how he came out ! i dunno, when i think Machoke, i think some HOT ans OILED up Wrestler HUNK... so yea, lol here you go !

Man i tell you, drawing this made me realise how much i hate my day job, because if i was Working at the time, i would have never gotten time, focus and energy to finish it. *sigh*
alas, i need the money ( heh, commissions anyone ? )

Anyway, Enjoy !!

Go ! Machoke !! Darker and Lighter Versions

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Anonymous said...

That's so how Machoke would look if he were Human. Excellent job, keep up the good work