Lower Res ?

Hey yall !

Well i'm just letting you know that i just realised that Blogger lowers the Res ( resolution ) of pics, which is annoying but i'll see what i can do about it, perhaps links to other pages or higher res pics ? i'll see. But i'm just letting you guys know, I'm not the one doing that .

Anyway, i don't want to let this post go on with giving you guys a little something. So just know that i have about ... 5 drawings on my computer that aren't finished yet, so just know that whenever i have the time i'll be hard at work on them.

why here's two right now ... and...

Wait, is that ... Bando ? From Naruto ? Clash of Ninja revolution 2 ? and...

Is that... ? Pico ? From the F-zero Series ? swinging his Junk around ?

could be ? ... heh

That's it for now people. have fun with the W.I.P

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