Back from the Hospital !!!!

Hi guys !

I was going to tell you that last week Tuesday that i was sick but i was so exhausted from it that i didn't have the strenght.
Yes i say "it" because i don't know what i have ( hopefully had ).
Long story short i was really sick (i was red, hands and feet were swollen and my skin broke out everywhere) and come last week Thursday i wasn't feeling any better so my mom was so worried that she urged us to take me to the hospital and i've been in the hospital Since last week Thursday and i was released Wednesday of this week.

I too have to admit that it's a little scary to be feeling so bad and five blood test later they still don't know what i have, a virus, a bacteria... well either way, i'm feeling much better now, a lil tired since i'm out of the Hospital, but better in comparaison to last week ( at least it doesn't hurt to move now )

I also wanted to add that i added one of those chat box things, so feel free to leave a comment there ok ? I also haven't gotten the time to tell you guys that.
I'm also trying to ignore the first stupid comment left by someone who has nothing better to do.
(Jesus... i come back from the hospital to this )

Anyway, Love you guys and i hope i feel better soon enough to start drawing again.
Until then or sooner ! bye !


Adam G said...

Are you allergic to anything?

It sounds like an allergic reaction to me.

I hope you get better.

Anonymous said...

I know we haven't talked a while lot lately, but I am certainly glad that you are feeling well.

And about the chat, don't mid him at all. There are a lot of us sick people that wish you well!


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