Majin Buu !!

Hey people !! it's been a while since i updated my blog, i'm such a naughy boy XD.
lol, anyway. I finshed this drawing about a month ago, for a very good friend of mine on the y! whose a big fan of Majin Buu.
I'll be posting the Lineart, color and finished pics for you guys

Lol, i just remembered, when i drew this, i gave him such a huge penis, lol. Hurray for photoshop !

Majin Buu Do for You
If some of you wanna try their hand at coloring my lineart, drop me a comment, and go right ahead, then post or give me a link so that i can link it or post it to this page.
and here's the very early lineart i was talking about :

heheh. Remember to click on comments people, and request are always welcome !

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