Busy Busy Busy

Hey yall, i'm just giving you a quick message since i'm so busy. I got a new job that has me spending one more hour then i used to when i worked at my old job. Also i've BARELY had time to draw in these past few days ( bummer... ) But ! i might have a new charcter to show you guys soon since i'm almost done with the pencils, and he is the main villan of the Freelance ( i'll post different versions here but will only post the "clean" version on the y! ) . Aside from that, and as if i wasn't busy enough, i FINALLY GOT SUPER MARIO GALAXY !!

Let me assure you, what you've been hearing about this game is true ! everything about it is simply FANTASTIC !!! i've only got 27 stars so far (yes unfortunatly i'm THAT BUSY !! ) and i'm planning on playing this game a lot more !!

Bye bye for now, i'll see you all later !!

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