3 Dudles and a Note

Hello everybody ! Well i was working at my new job, and i got bored and started doodling my Characters. It's the first time i did some straight to ink work, and please note that i did this out of boredom, so it's not my best, but on the other hand, some of them don't look that bad ...

I started with Justin, my Red headed, top notch fighter. Here he's sporting his Umbrella dagger, which opens up inside the stabbed victim's body...well...like an umbrella... so if you get stabbed by even the tip of this small wonder, prepare to be ripped to shreds...Yikes...

Next, i did Xy ( pronounced "sigh" ) in the first stage of the " Blue Beast", the secret weapon that lies within him that once destroyed half of their world ( the Freelance ). Xy's "inergy" (the term used for the amount of energy that a freelancer possesses, similar to chakra or mana ) is the highest to ever be recorded in history. Xy is hunted down frequently because of the fear that he might lose control again and destroy everything, But Justin and Arden are always by his side, no matter what.

Last, i did Arden, Xy's brother (only Arden knows that of course ). He has the second highest inergy to ever be recorded in history and is a master inergy user as well as a very skilled figher. Here, since the tattoos on his chest are reversed, he's using a vast amount (but not all ) of his inergy. The attack he's using here is his signiture "Black Picture". All those who have been struck by this attack and managed to survive have all become blind and paralysed until Arden feels otherwise.

As you can tell, my 3 O.Cs are friendly and sexy, but a real force to be reckon with !

The Note

Everybody, please don't worry too much about me. I'm currently dealing with a lot of personal issues, which is why i'm "disappearing" from my galleries for a little while... I took the blog thing a little personally because i needed some feedback on my work, since something in my life isn't going right regarding the subject of me drawing... so no encouragment from my real life and no support from my net life resulted in a very bad combo... i'll try to be back on my feet soon, i don't blame anyone, and i'm trying to fix things up on all fronts... Bye for now .

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