Taking Request ! and posting an old one !

Hello Everyone !! Just doing a quick post to inform you all that i'm taking 3 request as of today, and you can see their status here in a new feature i've added.

Max Darc for Kazekanzaki (Y!Gallery)

Of course, they're free ! i still think i need to improve a bit before i decide to go a step further and take commission . If you want, you drop a request here by just leaving a comment.

You can request either :

- Lineart ( which will take the less time to complete )

- Simple color job ( see my Absol pic from the previous post )

-Heavy Layer color Job ( see my Too Powerful pic from the previous post, will take the most time to finish )

I ask that you try to be precise about what you want, and yes there aren't that many spots so far, because i still have a few things i have to finish.

I will also most probably post the sketches here so that the requesters and others can decide if they like it or not. :), should be fun .

See yall !!

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