Character Sketch : Frank Underburger

Hey there everyone ! A couple of days ago, i took interest in a comic idea from one of my friends from the y!gallery known as Costa69, and as Franky KC on DA. His comic's idea is fantastic ! so i told him that even thow i'm busy most of the time, i'll try to help him in anyway i can.

I asked him what would his character look like so i could try to make a sketch of him , and that's how it turned out. This is just a sketch, but i think i got his character right. Check out his great idea on the DA page he made for it : http://toy-robot-comic.deviantart.com/ . The name is Toy Robot, and the main character is young Frank Underburger. Hope you like it as much as i do.

Also, don't be afraid to leave comments about what you think of the skecth after you've read the idea, because that would help.

Thanks !!

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