Jari-Thure, Not so cold anymore

Hey Folks !

Yikes, i'm actually a few days behind for this post, Lo siento :)

This is a request from Zovi of the y! gallery. Now since i'm ALL FOR drawing obscure video game characters AND in Bara style, this request was a must for me.
Here's the hot Eskimo, Jari-Thure !

For those of you who watch me on the y!gallery, here is the Hairy version i promised ;)

Now How obscure is Jari-Thure ?

Yep he's from a Sonic game! Sonic Unleashed ! See that guy all the way to the right ? yep, that's him. References for this guy are scarce, but i did my best, I even tried to do justice to the coat's design.

Remember folks, no matter how busy i am, please don't be afraid to drop me a request as i try to make of point of taking some time out every now and then to do them.

Right now, even though i might be starting commissions again soon, and even though i'm still doing the pokemon series, I've got 2 request that i am going to do in waiting.

Enjoy folks! and remember i loves youz all !!