Major Update

Hey guys !

I Already put this on my Y!gallery so I'm just gonna copy and paste it here : ),

Part 1

Hey guys! It's been a while since i haven't updated on my gallery or my Blog, but a lot of things are going on that are basically making me take a forced vacation from my computer.
The first is that I'm sick, better now, had the flu but because of it Halloween was sort of a fail for me...
The next is that my PC was so slow that i finally decided to format it, which most of you know is a must after a while, this also however erases EVERYTHING, so for the last 2 days now, it's been constantly doing updates. So i have to reinstall Photoshop :blah:. I'm actually writing all of this from my Itouch cause my computer is still doing some updates... sigh
oh, and to top it off, my right eye has been red for over 3 days, and i would get eye drops but today is a holiday... Sigh.
Anyway just letting you guys know it'll be absent until all of this ( my health problems and my pc problems ) is better. Happy Halloween indeed.

that was Nov 1rst, next is Nov 2nd :

Hey guys !

First of all, thanks to all the people that have been wondering about me, i really appreciate it and i love you guys too :kiss:.

So anyway, i was talking with [icon=ad140] the other day, and guess what ? turn out you were right ! My right head has been red because i have conjunctivitis !

I went to the eye specialist today and it turns out it's viral and has been going around lately ( now i REALLY wish it was just the Halloween make-up that somehow got in my eye ) and in more awesome news ( sarcasm ) the eye specialist told me that it's gonna be long, and prescribed some eye drops and a gel that i have to put in my eye ( both of them just in case he said ) 5 times a day for 15 days !

In other news, when i formatted my PC it turns out i forgot to take the Photoshop file so now i have to wait on someone who might still have it.

So yea people, in a nut shell I'm am officially on forced vacation :sad:

Man i wish this all didn't make me feel so down... i hope things get better because now i'm unsure of if should go to the gym ( since I'm still not 100% cured of this flu ) and work starts back this Thursday and now i have to tell them why i can't attend a meeting... sigh

I'll still be around :happy:, just not as much :meh:

Just letting you guys know what's going on, as if being busy all the time wasn't bad enough, now i can't do anything that'll be too strenuous for me, cause i literally have to turn my whole head to look at something or my eye will hurt :sad:.

Love you guys, later

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