Michael Thorton Experiment

Hello again peeps !

This is for my friend Gnin ( Gallery and Blog ) who wanted me to help out with the Alpha Protocol club

I would of posted this days earlier but i had a slight problem last week-end that stopped me from using photoshop, the problem is fixed now so i'm back on track !

Michael Thorton is the main character of Alpha Protocol so i decided to go with some good old torturing.

I tried some different effects so here's the Five different versions :

I had fun with these so i hope you enjoy them ;D ! Yay for characters that aren't slashed enough !


Gninrom said...

Dude! WOW!!
And thank you SO much for drawing Mikey for my club!!

I'm so grateful!!! Arigatooo!

Lotsa Love!! xoxoxo

JC said...

I dunno this character but the series is great. <3 !!