A Wild Gengar Appears

Hey peeps !

So if you've been trolling around the interweb like i have you'd know that a BUNCH of info was leak about pkmn Black and White today ! WOO HOO ! even more of a reason to post up the Gengar drawing !

So over at the Gijinka club on the Y! Gallery it was Gengar week, and there was NO WAY i was going to miss that. Gengar is my Favourite pokemon !
Truth is, he's my favourite because back in the day, i had pokemon Blue and my bro had pokemon Red, and we had our first Level 100 battle. It came down to My Gengar against his Charizard, and i won :). Ever since, good old Gengar holds a dear place in my heart <3

By the way, when you have the time, DO swing over to the Gijinka Club on the y! , There are some impressive and creative Gijinka over there !

See you guys soon !

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