Strike a pose !!

Hey there everybody !

I just want to share a site i found with all my fellow and budding artist.

Well technically it's a Japanese Blog that's adds different poses like everyday. It only shows the muscles and no skin, so that way you have a better grasp of anatomy.
The WIDE variety of poses and angles is great for refences, so i'm going to be unselfish and share it with yall !

i wish i could add a pic, but most of the site ( and all the pics anyway ) is kinda Flash based, allowing you to get a full 360 spin of your chosen pose, which is pretty awsome, and it features both men and women, so it's worth checking out.

Here's the Link : http://www.posemaniacs.com/blog/pose/

I'll add it to my links as well. have fun with it ! lol



JC Art said...

aww thanks alot, well yea i just created an account yestarday
its .. http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/jcartblog/

and i added your link .. hoooooray!

whats an art trade? sorry im barely getting into all of this.

is it when you make something for a person and they make something back for u?

oh yea what else ... oh yea your gonna change the name? well if u want to tell me when u change it ill update it for u on my page

K3rry said...

Ok no prob ! and yea, you got it, an art trade is when you draw something for an artist and they draw something for you ;), but that's for later this summer, and you don't have to accept if you don't want to lol, just something i plan on doing.

Trust me, i know what it's like to be busy, that's why i'm going to draw as much as i can during the summer.

Thanks for the linkage ! and you can just put " The Freelance! " for now, cause it says something else on your blog, lol

JC Art said...

okay yea i saw it lol ahahha ill change that i left it at kslash but ill do the freelance in a bit.

and id love to do the art trade, you just tell me when ur up for it and all that good stuff
but im trying to do the same .. be as creative as i can this summer.