Gift for me !

Hotcha' awsome part of the art trade :-D !

Hotcha graced us with his hot and unique style early last year, and has kept drawing hotter and better works since then. Since we never said a word about it but simply kind of hinted about what we liked, i'm glad he gave me this pleasant surprise of one of my favourite character ( since i did the same for him ). Ganondorf being on the receiving end of some rape is something you don't see everyday, which is what i love about it ! :-D

I also can't deny how nicely detailed this is, kudos dude, and Of course, Thanks again for doing an Art Trade with me !!

Please Check out Hotcha's Hot and awsome works ( and no to mention his sexy ass O.C Drake ) on the y! : http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/hotcha/

Enjoy !

P.S : i think i will indeed put up a Links section for all the artist i like on the Y!

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