Gift for Hotcha !

Hey yall ! Posting a pic here on my blog of one of my latest works.

This is a gift for Hotcha, a fellow artist on the y!gallery http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/hotcha/, think i'm gonna add a section of links for y!gallery artist :-)
Anyway, this was kind of a surprise for him. We'd agreed on doing an art trade, but didn't really know what to draw.
It came up because i notice that these guys are two of his favourite characters, Drake ( his original character ) and Brolli from DBZ, it's also one of the fastest works i've done to date ! i drew, inked and colored this all in the same day.

Hotcha sees this as a full on art trade now, so as soon as i got something for him, we'll see what he'll deliver for his part of the art trade :-), til then,

Enjoy !!


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