Green Arrow colored and Skyboy Day

Hey yall, it's been a while since i posted something here on my blog, so here's something i colored a little while ago but posted a few days ago.

Green Arrow

You can see the original lineart and more of FuryianFyre's hot art on his gallery http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/furyianfyre/

Next, i noticed that i didn't have a post for Skyboy day which was about a month ago, my bad, anyway it was September 5th and i did participe, just forgot to post it here...better late then never i suppose.

Surf's up Alex

For Skyboy http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/skyboy/, featuring Skyboy's OC...um... Skyboy ! and Alex Summers from the X-men. He asked me to try to do a pic of Skyboy and Alex getting busy on a surfboard, so there you go. Skyboy such a nice guy that i couldn't refuse his request, also the Big idea behind Skyboy day is to prevent other Artist from using your characters without permission or put them in situation you aren't comfortable with. So cheers to that !

See ya'll soon !!

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