Remy the Vampire !

Hey again yall !

Everybody ! Meet Remy ! the Vampire ! He's my newest O.C that i created because Halloween's Around the corner. Now here' a few things about Remy, he's a nice guy, but never denies his Vampire cravings and/or Urges XD . Remy is also not a full Vampire and can even go out in the sun, so yes, in case you're wondering, his wings ARE red and blue, what can i say, i wanted to be original.

Oh yea ! another thing ! This is an all Digital piece :-D

So yea, drawing without a tablet is difficult... but not impossible, so i'm really happy with how he came out, even though i took a while to finish it, you know with distractions and what not, but i'm glad that i finished it. I was very lazy with the background ( sorry ), i know it's plain, but meh, at least Remy looks OK ( lol ). Another thing about Remy, he actually has a fuzzy face ( facial hair ) and is often mistaken for a werewolf because of it, and lastly, as for the size of his penis... well, if you ask him i'm sure he tell you " well, where else is the blood supposed to go !?"

Remy the Vampire !

I posted the lineart here because i want to know if you guys like Remy, and if you do, please feel free to draw him , with or without wings, with or without clothes, whatever ! just don't forget to tell me kay ?

Enjoy !!

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