Superman !

a.k.a mister Popular

Hey people, i just finished a Superman drawing recently ( wow, i'm going at a steady pace, progress much ? )

It's just lineart for now, but i still think he looks pretty good. I try using a comic book style kind of shading when i inked him, and i think it looks pretty sweet. I think i might make this a series and draw the other Justice League members. Another thing, i've been reading so drawing books lately, and i've read that it's not good to crop a pic so that you don't see certain body parts, such as the hand and feet for example, but i ran out of space on the paper, so it was a bit difficult. All in All though, i still like how he looks. This one is on my to color list, so i'll see what i can do with it later. For now Enjoy !!

Superman a.k.a Mr Popular

P.S : i chose that title become i think Superman is a sort of Icon for Superheroes everywhere, kinda like how Mario is for Video Games, ya know.

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knight said...

hi there
i love your art , you and iceman rock my world !!
the thing is , superman was the one that turned me gay when i was boy.
can you please draw more of him fucking and getting fucked?
'cause i just can't get enough of him.