yea, i need money

I'm not even gonna sugar coat this one. I wouldn't say that i'm broke, but i'm close to it, i have to pay my cell phone bill, i need to buy new earphones and i need money to pay for some new glasses ( might be getting contacts, because i hear they're cheaper ) and the fact that my job payed me less and less didn't help. So now i'm close to going on vacation with my family and i'm going to need some extra cash.Taking commissions right now is probably one of the best ways that i can make money, plus it'll get me some experience i guess.

I have a Paypal, so money won't be a problem if you got an account too.

So anyway, prices :
Line art : 10 $

+Extra character : 5 $

* 2 or more : 10 $

+ Colored (heavy layer work ) : 20 $

* Simple layer work : 15 $

So yea, basically line art is 10$, and anything extra, will cost you extra.

Leave a comment if you're interested.

Note :

1) I won't take a request i've already agreed to do as a commission, because i'm not evil, i just need money.

2) access to my scanner is sometimes limited, so i might take while and i might not.

3) i'm going on vacation as of July 11th, so if i haven't finished it before then, you'll have to wait two weeks ( about 15 days really ) before you hear from me.

4) If you're interested, after i exchange e-mails with you, if i can, i'll send a sketch through e-mail or chat, and if you like it , i'll only finish it after i received payment ( i'm desperate, not stupid ). If i can't, I'll always confirm its status and will put up a section here so you can see the status.

5) It's between me and the customer, so in other words, i won't post the commissioned work if the commissioner does not want.

6) Content is negociable ( there are certain things i won't do, so just ask ), unfortunatly prices are not at the moment.

7) References please !

8) Despite the seriousness, i am a nice person ;-), don't be afraid of me lol :-], i'm just having a little situation i need some $-) B-) that's all.

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