Vacation !!

Well, it's time for me to say Bye Bye to you guys !

And in case you're wondering and have been keeping up with my posts, yes, i am writting this early , allow to explain why .
Like i said before, i'm going on a family vacation, and my annoying little cousin is coming with us. So me and my Brother have decided to call him " Before and After ", because we're going to have to deal with him 2 days before we go and 2 days after we come back.

So to conclude, my vacation is from July 11 to July 25, but my absence will start from July 9th to July 27th .
*sigh* and he's gonna be here in like ... *looks at watch* an HOUR ! X(

lol, anyway yall ! Enjoy yourselves, because i know that no matter what i will !! :-D

See you Guys !! B-D

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