Birthday Screws !!

Aaarrrgg ... my birthday is coming up !! XD
August 13. Funny thing about 13... it can be either lucky or unlucky ... but the way things have been going lately, my back hurts, i'm thinking to much (about too many different things), i'm tired... ugh... yea

and i can't even have a party because i'm DEAD ASS BROKE !!

*deep sigh*

i don't like to set my hopes up too much though, cause my birthdays have a habbit of backfiring... for now, we decided to go to movies the day after my b-day... but that's IF i have money...

help me !

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JC Art said...

aww my bday this year was kinda like a fuck up .. my friend tried to make my other friends not come because she wanted to do hooka
then some gangstas crashed my partie lol.. well good luck on ur bday!!!

but ill cross my fingers and hope you have a wonderfull bday.

just dont look at all the bad things .. and appriciate the good things u know ... maybe that mood will change your whole day. lol.