" The Stuff " part 2

Hey yall ! i think i'm going to start doing more of these kind of post, because there are some things i draw that either i'll take too long to complete or that i just know what to do with sometimes, ha.

Anyway, let's get started !

Before i left on my Vacation, i worked on 2 drawings of a game that i love ! Magical Starsign !!

I'll admit i bought the game a WHILE ago, but i felt like playing it before i left, and instantly remembered why i loved the game so much.

Whoa there though ! It's not like i'm promoting this game or anything, because quite simply this game's not for everyone, but i do think it's a must for people who like RPGs that last a good little while. I'm saying this because from what i've seen in reviews, you either don't like the game, or you love it, and well, it's pretty obvious i loved it :).

Lassi ( the Bunny on top ), Mokka ( the Robot to the left ), Chai ( the Lizard to the bottom left ), Sorbet ( The girl on the upper right ), Pico ( Guy at the bottom right ) and your choice in either the Female heroine or Male hero ( the two i haven't mentioned) are your party on the Interplanetery adventure that is Magical Starsign. I loved the game so much that i wanted to try to do 2 fan arts of it... problem is... well, just look at them ! their ages are unclear, but they aren't full blown adults that's for sure, so i took the Hero and Pico, Made them look Older, put both there hot asses on the fire planet Razen, and this came out :

This one is a " Finished" Sketch, and even just for a sketch, i like it ! i think i did i great job at maturing them. The other drawing is still in the works :

That's Pizza ! Oh my gosh, i love how a lot of things ( characters and places) in the game are named after food or drinks. Anywho, Pizza is very helpful in the adventure as he'll set up a Warp point at his location in exchange for a sugar star. He has a huge light blue hat he pops out of everytime you talk to him, so that's what i'm trying to draw here, but this time on Gren, the wood planet.

Next, i have some original characters in the works ! i think i even have one that's inked ! gosh i need to get to work xD.

The guy that looks like sex on legs is Enaz. With Purple hair and a penis that makes no one question his bragging, he's a freak ! He's also Justin cousin, which means that he's pretty damn smart believe it or not. He has many characteristics of his Family, including incredible intellect and the ability to body swap. He's a sex therapist, Dj and inventor, which has made him good friends with Drama and Neon, a couple he idolizes. Him and Noland ( from the Gaymer series ) are brothers, but not from the same mother, they knew they were related the minute they saw each other how ever. Finally the machine he wears that looks like headphones is an Inergy recycling system thats connected to his spine, which allows him to litteraly never be tired. The headphones also allow him to understand people, which makes his two jobs a breeze. Those who think it's his week spot pay dearly...

Ok, now for the newer stuff :

I've hit a Kiriban on the y! and i just felt like... WOO HOO !!, so that came up XD. I'm going to try to digitally Ink and Color this one. Afterwards, i'll eiter make hima Pretty boy or a student at K.C's School : St. Peter's Gifted School for Young Men, you can read all about it here : http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/club/6877/ .

Speaking of which, here's a student and teacher i created for the school :

Still in the works. I really like the idea of creating students and teachers for male only school filled with horny guys, it just sparks some serious fantasies if ya ask me xD.

Onto more characters i've created, but with more shall i say, determined roles :

That's Sunoh, he's a Fire and Ice demon and he's a good guy. His right arm is transparent and can transform into anything he wants ( yes... anything ). I've named him Sunoh for 2 reasons related to his elements : "Sun" for the fire element, and "Sunoh", which sounds like " Snow" for his Ice element. Like his elements, his fighting style is split in two, the right side of his body is for attacking, and the Left side for defending. He's got his own story, but he does meet and befriend many of my other characters along way, incuding Adal, Nitzo and Devil Joe.

Lastly, here's a sketch of a Villain i've designed for Snake Charmer Adal :

His name is Dream, but beleive me, fall asleep and he'll become your worst nightmare. Hired by "It" to hunt down Adal, Dream hires minions to hunt down Adal and more then often joins in the fray as he keeps proving that he's no behind the goons baddie. Since Dream haunts you in your sleep, Adal has resorted to dimension hopping to rest, hover his powers get severly weakened after he arrives on Earth , as predicted by Bharvaro ( which is Where the story begins ). Funny thing about Dream is that is that he can't fall asleep, so after he was cursed through events he can't recall, his sleep deprivation made him resort to torturing other people in their sleep. "It" is the one who stole his ability to sleep, but that fact Dream does not know, as his insanity drove him to beleive anything "It" said, including the lie that Adal holds the key to lifting his curse, and that the longer he waits, the longer his sleep will be when his ability to slumber returns. Another problem with the whole situation is that somewhere along the way, he fell in love with Adal... Finally, rumor has it, it's a shame he haunts dreams, because apperantly he's a dream come true in bed...

Phew !! Ok !! that's it for "The Stuff" part 2, see you guys soon !!

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