An Older Tai

Hey folks.

Starting of the posts this week with another commission from Takatofan1989 who has a cool infatuation with Digimon characters.

This was a commission of Tai.

I'm sure I mentioned this in my Henry post, but aging characters Is very fun. It was no different with Tai. 

I wanted to really push myself into doing a clothed version because I didn't want to be lazy.
I even managed to squeeze it into one drawing session (almost didn't).
Once you know how to work layers though, these things become a snap.

Like Henry, I won't post ALL the versions here, you'll have to ask Takatofan1986 for that one. He DID allow me to post, but I just want it to be personal and meaningful. It is a commish after all.

Here are the cum versions for you guys.


If you're Interested In commissioning me, make sure to send me a message on my facebook ( link is in the top right of the blog) or send me a PM on my Y!gallery.

Hope to hear from you guys soon, and have a good week!