Intense Battle! James VS Brock!

Hey folks!

I posted a little teaser on my facebook recently and I waited as I was working on other drawings before posting this one.

Well Now you can enjoy it in all it's glory. It's James VS Brock and looks like James gonna get that badge alright!

Now a LOT of yaoi drawings feating James usually feature him as the submissive bottom and all feminine, and you know we're all about the muscles and the bara here, so I couldn't let that happen.

It's been noted in many of my pokemon request that they wanted James to top. I'm here to answer the call, and... dare I say it : "To protect the world from devastation" and " unite all people within our nation" XD!
Seriously, It's James from Team Rocket, I couldn't help myself.

I had a great time drawing this since It helped me get a hold of SAI some more and I even tried colored lines for this one. ( the pen layer Is a BLESSING I tell you.)

As for Brock I think i'm secretly infatuated with him. Seriously, Brock's becoming the Ghork to my pokemon fan-art. I start drawing pokemon stuff, and next thing you know, the other trainer is Brock. Oh well, Brock Is hot when you think about it.

Anyway as promised, awesome Cum and Sweat+cum version are right here for you guys.

I'll have more stuff, and am current working on other drawings, so expect some new stuff next week for sure.

Until then, don't forget to check out the " no sweat " version on Smut with a "K" and of course, BARA TRAINERS FTW!!

Enjoy! :]