10 000 Thanks !

Sup folks!

I've been focusing all my drawing time on commissions lately, so that's why post here are slow. In the mean time however, I noticed that I hit many kiribans, Including here on my blog i past 500 000 I believe.

I whipped this up for you guys VERY quickly so I apologize for any anatomy fails and such.

What better way then say ten thousand thanks then with a pic of Ben 10 000!

I gotta say, I kind of miss drawing toons. Everything is so simplified and it takes no time at all to draw. Seriously, I didn't even sketch this out, went straight to the line art and it took less then 4 hours ( compared to the  8 hour to 2 day average speed )

I still have more commission to do and i'll be doing one big post for that as soon as they're finished.
Most should be getting done within 2 weeks time. I'll try to do more stuff like this to keep you guys happy and fapping in the meantime.

Thanks again! And I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

P.S : Happy Valentines day in advance to all, cause i'm not sure I'll be able to post or do anything on the day itself ( also, I unconsciously traditionally skip holiday pics for some odd reason XD). Enjoy!
Let me know If there are anymore characters you want me to draw in this way, i'd be happy to hear it.