uugg... *yawn* so tired ...

Hey Yall ! *yawn*.... lol, sorry, i've been feeling really exhausted lately, even i can't stand it sometimes XD ! Man ! it's just like me to be feeling SUPER for a good while, and then crash for an even longer one :(, *yawn* ... o well. I'm just letting everyone know that because "tired mode" means... *yawn*... again, sorry... it means that you won't be seeing new works from me for a good little while, so if you're expecting something from me ( which people always are because i'm always taking requests 8[ , darn my will to improve !) your going to have to wait a while to get them. Anywho, here are the 3 Drawings i've posted on my Y! Gallery and have yet to post here on The Freelance! :

Falcon...Cum !!

( My second digital drawing ever, and my first ever Slashtastic piece using this new style, For those of you who don't know, he's one of my favourite (him and Ganondorf ) characters to Slash, F-Zero's Captain Falcon, who might i add is one of the few Nintendo Characters that is actually HOT,and yet there's little to none of him on the net ! What The Hell !! Anyway, this pic was inspired from Super Smash Bros Melee, since he's always says "Falcon" something when he does his special moves. The original idea for this piece was "Falcon Fuck", but since this was only my first real attempt at drawing something digitally, i decided not to push it . )
Extra Info : I'll do a mini movie for this "falcon cum" piece later on, i'll let you all know when it's done ;) .

Birthday Gift

(My Third All Digital Piece, and first attempt at trying to draw my character Arden in this new style, Also, this is one of many Bday gifts on the list of bday drawings i have to do, who knew i would come to know so much people that were born in the same month, *sigh*, well anyway, this one was for Dreamroamer on the Y! and was inspired by his avatar )

Extra Info : I had to re-do and retry drawing him like 3 times ! My first try got completly erased, While my second try got messed up when Open Canvas Bugged on me, therefor, being an all digital piece, it was left (and will be left ) unfinished. Here, take a look :)

Human-mon : Infernape and Blaziken

(My most recent drawing, and my first Mix of all my drawing styles, pencils, inks, open canvas, digital touch ups and effects... you name it, i used it all here ! If you haven't already guessed by the title, these are pokemon that i've humanised, Infernape, for Diamond and Pearl, and Blaziken, from Ruby and Sapphire. And Yes by the way, i still like and play pokemon, so sue me ! lol, it's not all about that annoying yellow mouse you know :), hehehe )

Extra Info : I'll be doing my Pokemon team from my Pearl game next , Dusknoir, Togekiss, Palkia, Arcanine, Empoleon ( already Inked ! and looks like a total hunk !) and my Torterra. i've also already inked an Absol solo, and will do a drawing of Spoink and Pachirisu as teenagers, and even Ninetails along the way. I love the human-mon idea, and will accept any ideas you have for some , adult or not, i just love the idea too much to pass it up. It will of course take time right now due to my state, but i write down every request i get so i don't forget )

So there you go, i'd say this is a decent enough update to settle you guys for a while.

I'll see you Guys later !!


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