The Preview Post ! 2

Hi Everyone ! Well seeing as i might have a chance to post some new stuff soon, i though i'd tease you guys with some previews ;D .

First off, a little heads up. The previews that 'ive censored with " Cumming Soon" are adult rated and the ones with "W.I.P" won't be.

I'll start with the Captain Falcon and Ganondorf slash i've got lined up so far :

Ganondorf Posing

The Captain's Toy

Falcon's Waiting

Too Powerful !

Falcon Fuck !

Next up, there's good new for fans of my Yu-Gi-Oh Slash, because i get the feeling i'm going start drawing those sexy monster again :

White Magical Hat

Third up, is My Human-mon art. As said in a previous post, i was going to draw my team first, and so far i've managed to draw and ink and scan 4 of my pokemon :





And i've also finished 2 requests :


Spoink VS Pachirisu

And Last, but certainly not least, i'm going to start drawing some MK Slash again !

Friendship : Nightwolf and Stryker

Lol, yes, Old School Mk characters will make appearances in my MK slash !

I'm hoping Your looking foward to all of this as much as i am ! Even right now, i'm hard at work finishing some of these, and working on new stuff that i haven't even included in this post ! Yep i've been a busy boy ; D .

Enjoy it ! And i hope i'll see ya guys soon with some, if not all of these finished !



Heyohwhoa said...

Hey just thought I'd stop by and thank you so much for all the nice comments you left at my blog. I really appreciate it :D From what I've seen from you it seems as though you've made quite a jump from the first couple of pics I've seen from you. Good stuff :D Keep it up :)

K3rry said...

Thanks man !, i try my best, and i have to keep going foward if i want to improve after all ;)