Oh Snap !!

O.M.G !! I think i can draw digitally !! Oh snap !

So once again, as i was messing around with Open Canvas ( god i love it ) and out of boredom i tried my hand at drawing with my fingers, since i have a Laptop and no mouse, and it turns i'm not too bad at it !

I did a male Torso and even a Female body ( my first ... EVER !! ) and i think they don't look bad for a complete amateur's first try !

Anyway, Of Course, i had to try to draw more of the Male body attempt, and i think it looks Awsome !! and being that all of this was digital, i was able to do 4 different versions no Sweat !!

The Normal Version

The Erect Version

The Precum Version

The Cum Version

This discovery of a (dare i say ) hidden talent of mine is really throwing me for a loop ! who knew i could be so skilled with my 2 index fingers !!

I guess this means that i'll be drawing a lot more, both Digitally and Manualy ! and will of course continue to practice both !! Onwards ! to the road of improvement !!

P.S : i used Windows video maker to try to make a mini-movie of the 4 So you can see all in one !


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JC said...

Great animation, K3RRY! Reminds me of my X-Men remixes. You drew a really great money shot! -- haha!

Good to see you're learning the program. I can't use it because I have a Mac but I know it's an excellent tool. You'll learn to LOVE it, dude.