The Blue Beast And J.J.G !!

Hello everyone !! If there's one thing i'll try to do this year, it's Draw more, and draw more of my O.Cs, because they need some love too. I'm sure you already know Xy, my Odd yet attractive O.C, well he's also known as the Blue Beast, because he has monster inside him ( and the size of his member in the Happy New Year pic should be proof of that ;D ).
And now i'd to introduce ( technically "re"introduce ) some more of my sexy creations. Meet J.J.G !

J.J.G stands for Jared, Jimmy and Guyl , which are the names of these sexy studs. Jared the Rocker, Jimmy the Wonder, And Guyl the Teaser. They are great friends and never miss a chance to hang out and have fun with each other . They OF COURSE have ties with my three other "main" O.Cs Xy Arden and Justin, so please, if you want to see more, just say the word ;).

Bye bye for now, and Enjoy !!

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